36 Days of Type Series

'36 Days of Type' is an annual online event hosted by the Instagram account @36daysoftype. It is an open call to designers all over the world to participate in the challenge of creating a letterform each day over 36 days. Below is the full series I completed for the 2017 event - A-Z and 0-9. I set myself a challenge of designing with as much typographic variety as possible.
My colour palette was inspired by a trip to Melbourne's NGV gallery the week prior to the challenge where I swooned over the use of colour in David Hockney's 'Arrival of Spring' series. The colour palette aims to tie in the alphabet and numerals as a collective series when viewed together. Each letterform was first lovingly drawn by hand before being vectored and coloured on the computer.  

All entries into the series can be seen on Instagram, #36daysoftype. Click any letter below to see a larger version.