40 Artists for 40 hour Famine Wesbite.jpg

40 artists for 40 hour famine

Agency: The Jacky Winter Group

With the annual 40 Hour Famine fundraiser fast approaching, World Vision Australia joined forces with agency powerhouse Jacky Winter Group to produce an ambitious project for their imperative cause.

40 Artists for 40 Hour Famine brought together 40 artists that were asked to create an original artwork to reflect the tragedy, hope and humanity that is found amidst conflict and forced displacement. 

In my artwork I wanted to convey the stories of Syrian children in particular, with a concise and powerful message. Using only typography, it speaks of their harrowing past and uncertain future. I intend to prompt reflection on what has happened to the thousands upon thousands of displaced families and children and what will happen without dedicated, ongoing support from the rest of the world. ⠀

All 40 heartbreakingly beautiful artworks can be viewed online here — where you too can show your support by donating.