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Typographer and Lettering artist based in Melbourne, Australia. I'm a qualified Communication Designer and certified Type Nerd™. I'm also a big believer in beginning by hand, which largely informs my design process and has lead me to what I do today.  

My love for handcrafted Typography bloomed in the final year of my degree, after realising type as the perfect intersection between Illustration and Design. The discovery that I could simultaneously and harmoniously use my hands whilst still taking advantage of computer software was groundbreaking! Since this discovery I've completed an intensive program at Old School New School in Abbotsford, to further hone my skills and meet likeminded creatives who share this somewhat geeky passion. 

When I'm not brainstorming, practising or researching, you'll most likely find me making the most of Melbourne's epic food scene, searching for the perfect pastry, or day tripping to Sassafras seeking a patch of sun to sketch in. 

Work With Me

Business, Workshop and Lettering enquiries can be sent to:

I'm available for commissions, collaborations and always up for making new friends - email and say hi!

You can also view my work and reach me on:
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Select Clients & Collaborations

T2 Tea  |  Moose Toys  |  Work-Shop Australia  |  The Design Kids / OldSchoolNewSchool | AT Aerial Services |  


Stolen Magazine, Vol. 5, October 2016


'Introduction to Brush Lettering', RMIT for The Design Kids, June 6th 2017

'Brush Lettering Basics', Workshop Melbourne, May 4th 2017

'Brush Script Lettering', Moose Toys HQ, March 23rd 2017

'Brush Script Lettering', Old School New School, March 15th 2017

'Brush Lettering - Christmas Edition', Workshop Melbourne, December 8th 2016

'Brush Lettering Basics', The Stockroom x Workshop Melbourne, November 26th 2016

'Custom Brush Lettering', Workshop Melbourne, October 18th 2016


'Cake For Breakfast', Old School New School, June 2016