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Thanks for dropping by! Below you'll find a short summary of who I am, what I do and how I got here.  

I'm a Melbourne based Designer that specialises in Custom Typography and Lettering. I hold a qualification in Communication Design from RMIT University and have completed the intensive Typography course at Abbotsford's Old School New School. 

I grew up on the leafy Mornington Peninsula, drawing everything around me, writing stories and crafting homemade books. To this day I am a big believer in all things handcrafted and pride myself on beginning all projects by hand. I fell in love with letters during my second year of university in 2013 and have since explored several styles of handcrafted Typography. My current specialisations are Script Lettering, Brush Lettering and Monoline Lettering - however I'm known to dabble in some Calligraphy and Type Design too. 

I'm currently freelancing as a Lettering artist, joyfully creating expressive, custom Typography every day. When I'm not working on freelance projects, I teach Lettering workshops, experiment with personal work and alternate between making the most of Melbourne's epic food scene and taking road trips to The Dandenong's for a sketch in the sun.

Work With Me

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I'm available for commissions, collaborations and always up for
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Select Clients & Collaborations

T2 Tea  |  Oscar Wylee /  MECCA   /  Moose Toys  |  The Design Kids   /
WorldVision Australia   /  Work-Shop Australia  |  AT Aerial Services  |
Macquarie University NSW   /  OldSchoolNewSchool   / 


'Brush Lettering Masterclass', Workshop Melbourne, November 12th 2017
'Intro to Monoline Lettering', Old School New School, Oct 29th 2017
'Brush Lettering Basics', Workshop Melbourne, September 19th 2017
'Intro to Monoline Lettering', Old School New School, July 27th 2017
'Brush Lettering Basics', Workshop Melbourne, July 20th 2017
'Introduction to Brush Lettering', RMIT University with The Design Kids, June 6th 2017
'Brush Lettering Basics', Workshop Melbourne, May 4th 2017
'Brush Script Lettering', Moose Toys HQ, March 23rd 2017
'Brush Script Lettering', Old School New School, March 15th 2017
'Brush Lettering - Christmas Edition', Workshop Melbourne, December 8th 2016
'Brush Lettering Basics', The Stockroom x Workshop Melbourne, November 26th 2016
'Custom Brush Lettering', Workshop Melbourne, October 18th 2016


Trouble Juice, 'Speed-Dating' Interview, September 2017 — Read it here
Stolen Magazine, Vol. 5, October 2016


'Brave Face', St Heliers St Gallery, Abbotsford Convent, September 2017
'Cake For Breakfast', Old School New School, June 2016


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