'Got you covered' — A series of books i wish existed

A self initiated passion project that aims to challenge my creative versatility.
The project can be viewed in full at booksiwishexisted.com or @booksiwishexisted on Instagram


‘Got You Covered’ is a project I’d been wanting to bring to life for a while. I thought it’d be both fun and challenging to create a series of Books I Wish Existed, based on times in everyday life where my friends and I have thought 'I wish there was a how-to guide for that!' I’ve put my lettering skills to the test by customising each book to have a completely unique appearance, hoping to appeal to people with humour, reliability and beautiful illustrative design. 

House Plants Book Cover_CaseySchuurman.jpg

Book One — How To: Confidently and Consistently Care for your House Plants

This book is for anyone else that is desperately trying to save a favourite, dying house plant. I’m always googling care instructions and trying to remember my plants need food and water to survive too.


Book Three  How To: Make a Career out of Procrastination

They say you should try to find a job that involves tasks you do when you’re procrastinating... anyone need a professional file organiser? This cover gives away some of my other favourite procrastination pastimes. 

Book Five  How To: Make the Perfect Playlist

This book is for those that find themselves spending hours trying to collate that mystical, no-skip-needed, mood appropriate playlist. I had a blast listening to my '90's Nostalgia' collection while making this cover.  

Books Cover Art_CaseySchuurman.jpg

Book Two — How To: Stop buying new books (And read what you already own)

This one goes out to my sister — an avid reader, writer and book hoarder. In her own words, she needs some help with ‘shelf control’.


Book Four — How To: Resist that Midnight Snack

This book is for those that find themselves raiding the fridge in the middle of the night. I illustrated some of my go-to snacks in the hope people would share their favourites with me on social media.