'Got you covered' — A series of books i wish existed

A self initiated passion project that aims to challenge my creative versatility.
The project can be viewed in full at booksiwishexisted.com or @booksiwishexisted on Instagram


‘Got You Covered’ is a project I’d been wanting to bring to life for a while. I thought it’d be both fun and challenging to create a series of Books I Wish Existed, based on times in everyday life where my friends and I have thought 'I wish there was a how-to guide for that!' I’ve put my lettering skills to the test by customising each book to have a completely unique appearance, hoping to appeal to people with humour,  relatability  and beautiful illustrative design. 

House Plants_CaseySchuurman.jpg

Book One — How To: Confidently and Consistently Care for your House Plants

This book is for anyone else that is desperately trying to save a favourite, dying house plant. I’m always googling care instructions and trying to remember my plants need food and water to survive too.


Book Three  How To: Make a Career out of Procrastination

They say you should try to find a job that involves tasks you do when you’re procrastinating... anyone need a professional file organiser? This cover gives away some of my other favourite procrastination pastimes. 

Book Five  How To: Make the Perfect Playlist

This book is for those that find themselves spending hours trying to collate that mystical, no-skip-needed, mood appropriate playlist. I had a blast listening to my '90's Nostalgia' collection while making this cover.  

Public Transport_Tumblr.jpg

Book Seven — How To: Keep Your Personal Space on Public Transport

This guide is for those that find themselves stuck in ‘peak hour’ (three hours) on Public Transport every day. May you score a seat on your next public transport adventure! 


Book Nine — How To: Function on Less Than 5 Hours Sleep

This book is for those who, like me, can’t function on less than 5 **cough 7** hours of soundless slumber. 


Book Eleven — How To: Not Look Like a Tourist (While Holding a Map)

The last thing I want to be when I’m travelling is a typical tourist! Yet, I can’t help but feel it’s painfully obvious I’m from out of town when I’m wrangling a map the size of myself! 


Book Thirteen — ‘How To: Find Your Glasses Without Your Glasses On’ 

Take it from someone that has this problem regularly—this book needs to exist so I can stop fumbling around, feeling 10x blinder than I already am! 


Book Fifteen — ‘How To: Hide the World’s Worst Hangover’

For those times you need to appear completely normal to family, friends, colleagues and strangers after a big night! The second part to this book would be how to function with said hangover, but that’s a whole other guide... 


Book Two — How To: Stop buying new books (And read what you already own)

This one goes out to my sister — an avid reader, writer and book hoarder. In her own words, she needs some help with ‘shelf control’.


Book Four — How To: Resist that Midnight Snack

This book is for those that find themselves raiding the fridge in the middle of the night. I illustrated some of my go-to snacks in the hope people would share their favourites with me on social media.  


Book Six — How To: Play Monopoly and Keep Your Friends

Minimalist Monopoly! This book is for all the overly competitive board gamers out there. (Myself included). There’s been a few close calls, but somehow I’ve managed to keep my friends all these years. 

Productive in Bed_Tumblr.jpg

Book Eight — How To: Be Productive Without Leaving Your Bed

This book would include all good tips and tricks for keeping on task when you find yourself cruising Netflix and napping instead.


Book Ten How To: Convincingly Ignore Someone You Know in Public

This book is for those who never feel prepared when they see someone unexpectedly in public. 


Book Twelve — What to Wear and How Much to Drink When Meeting Your Partner’s Parents

Is it possible to wear just the right outfit and drink an appropriate amount of alcohol when meeting your partner’s parents for the first time? I don’t think so. 


Book Fourteen — ‘How To: Segue out of Uneasy Conversations’ 

Part One: Uneasy conversations with Strangers. Part Two: Uneasy conversations with Relatives. I’d devour this 2 part series in a couple of hours if it existed! 


Book Fifteen — ‘How To: Create Events Outside of Facebook’

This book should exist for the sole reason that 95% of people I talk to only have a Facebook account to stay in the know about events! There's gotta be a better way to spend our time and keep in the loop with all the must-go-to gatherings.