As part of the 'Brave Face' Exhibition — Sept 2017
Recognition: Featured on The Loop, GoodType


Brave Face saw 9 local lettering artists come together to explore how the practise of slow typography aids experimentation and creation by putting value back onto craftsmanship, hard work, and originality. As creatives today, it's all too easy to measure success by likes and follows on the visually loaded and over saturated media platforms we all use.

The concept of Brave Face centred around creative courage, using both head and hands in an engaging experience beyond the screen. Each exhibiting artist chose a short phrase they resonate with to letter, as a personal mantra and approach to putting on a 'brave face' when facing creative challenges. 

The exhibition featured 9 A1 gicleé printed artworks, a series of risograph prints and an entire gallery wall dedicated to showcasing the process behind each creation. The show was on display for 2 weeks in St Heliers Street Gallery in Abbotsford, Melbourne and was co-curated and co-organised by myself and Old School New School. 50% of proceeds from Brave Face were donated to Headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation.

Comparison Kills Insta.jpg

Above is my completed artwork that exhibited as an A1 gicleé print in the exhibition. Printed locally by the masterful Hound and Bone Printers

Inspiration for this piece came from my own personal experience with social media and the feelings of inadequacy and doubt it can generate. 

Accompanying Artist Statement: 'In a time where social media is highly accessible and all consuming, being conscious of our habit to consistently compare ourselves to one and other is more important than ever. ‘Comparison Kills’ serves as a mantra and reminder that this constant comparison manifests doubt and stifles creativity.' 

Risograph Prints

Comparison Kills Riso-0980_edited.jpg
Comparison Kills Riso-0902.jpg

All 9 exhibiting artists created a variation of their large-scale artwork to be sold as risograph prints on opening night as a take-home memento. 
Prints currently available for purchase here.


Locally and lovingly printed by riso whiz, Ashley Ronning from Helio Press.
Printed on 100% recycled paper-stock, Envirocare. 


Comparison Kills Riso-0017.jpg

Above shows my process as I refine with each draft — I completed seven rounds of sketches on paper before finishing my artwork digitally.


Gallery Space and Exhibition Details

Live event lettering and a wall covered in numerous rounds of hand-drawn drafts featured at the Opening Night on September 15th. Thank you to everyone who stopped by over the last couple of weeks - your support means so much!