Brush Script Lettering is a versatile tool to have in your repertoire, known for being user friendly and ultra customisable. This masterclass is perfect for those who are lovers of letters, keen to get crafty or want to level up their brush skills! 

This masterclass starts with the very basics. The extended class time of 4 hours also means that we also get to the good stuff - like flourishing and embellishment!

All letter lovers welcome! No prior experience necessary.


Class Structure

During the 4 hour masterclass you will be guided through the need-to-know fundamentals of handcrafted brush pen lettering. We will focus on establishing the basics, using a set of various strokes that combine to create a full alphabet. This workshop starts from the very start so that you can gain an understanding of technique to improve on at home —including how to hold and angle the pen, consistency and lettering tips + tricks. The second half of the class is dedicated to levelling up your skills with fun embellishments.


Take Aways

We will touch on the principles of creating a unique hand lettered artwork (concept, layout, rhythm, proportion and embellishment), as well as how to flourish, ‘bounce’ your letters and work with different baselines. You’ll walk away with the beginnings of a brush lettering piece, the know-how to continue practising at home, an improved knowledge of typography and further honed hand lettering skills. These can be applied to anything from branding, signage, posters, custom stationery, personal projects and beyond. Think big! 



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