Goals of the policy

I value complaints as they assist me to improve my products, services and customer service.  

This policy has been designed to assist customers and my business. Casey Schuurman is committed to consistent, fair and confidential complaint handling and to resolving complaints as quickly as possible. I aim to make it easy for people to make a complaint if they are dissatisfied and I will treat all customers making a complaint equally.

Definition of a complaint

Complaints are defined as any expression of dissatisfaction made by a customer in relation to my business, products and services.

Recording complaints

If you are dissatisfied with a product or service provided by me, you can lodge a complaint with me in one of the following ways:

• By completing a feedback form on my website 

• By emailing me at

If I receive your complaint verbally, I will ask you to put your complaint in writing.

Information I will need

I will need the following information from you in the instance of a complaint:

  • Your name

  • A way to contact you in regards to the complaint

  • A description of the product/service you purchased

  • Proof of purchase

  • Date of purchase

  • The nature of the complaint

    This will assist with fast and effective resolution of the complaint. The information gathered is considered the full details of the complaintand will be kept for my personal records and for the assistance of improvements to my product/service. Customers’ personal details or details of their complaint will not be divulged to third parties. Privacy assured.

Informing customers of progress

I strive to resolve all complaints within 7 days.

Customers will be given an approximate timeframe at the time I receive their written complaint.

Customers will be informed of any changes to our products or services as a result of their complaint.

Where appropriate, customers who have had a complaint resolved will be contacted at a later date to see if they are happy with how their complaint was handled.

Responding to complaints

All people making a complaint will be treated with courtesy. Where possible, complaints will be resolved at the first point of written contact. If appropriate to the complaint, I may offer discounts on future purchases, free gifts or a full refund (after guarantee expiry date) to resolve a complaint immediately. Complaints will still be recorded.

If the complaint can’t be resolved immediately, the customer will be given a timeframe and details of our complaint handling process.

Review of complaint handling policy and procedures    

Casey Schuurman is committed to continuous improvement and this policy will be reviewed regularly for effectiveness and updates.

This complaint handling policy is supported by myself.  I am committed to this policy and displaying it in my business for customers.

Signed: Casey Schuurman