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Custom Lettering
Agency: The Jacky Winter Group

'I care for eyecare' and 'Glasses for the curious' are the two phrases boutique eyewear brand, Oscar Wylee, commissioned me to letter for use as vinyl in-store signage. The lettering style mimics casual handwriting through the variance in connections between letters that seem natural to both the hand and eye. It was important to balance the script being informal yet clean, modern and elegant to reflect the Oscar Wylee brand. I paid careful attention to include details that are give-away that the type is hand drawn to further emphasise this. 

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Where I've Begun_Final.png
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Album & Single Titles

Local musician, Rachael Comte, commissioned me to create custom Monoline Lettering for her two single titles, album title and artist name. An elegant, yet casual script with added details that mimic the imperfections of handwriting suit Rachael's sound to a tee. 

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The Design Kids

Social Media Content


I created this fun and expressive lettering for The Design Kids to share on their Instagram profile to celebrate reaching 100K followers.