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Process video from the creation of my monoline script logo. 


Monoline lettering is consistent in weight and shows no contrast between strokes. It's an extremely versatile style and a great introduction to all other methods of handcrafted lettering. This introductory class is a great entry point for anyone considering delving into the world of Hand Lettering. 

This workshop will guide you through basic lettering principles such as letter shape, spacing and proportion. You will learn the set of basic strokes that combine to create a monoline alphabet, as well as how to hold and angle the pen. We will then focus on what makes good lettering, consistency, rhythm and simple embellishment. You’ll walk away with an improved knowledge of Typography and brand new tactile skills to apply to anything from posters, cards, logos, artworks, personal projects and beyond. 

This 3 hour class is perfect for those who are new to Typography and also creatives looking to improve their Typographic skill and awareness. It’s a fast paced digital world we’re living in, switching off for the morning to learn something new by hand might be just the thing you need! This class cannot teach you everything, but it will get you started so that you can continue to build your knowledge and technique. 

This workshop will be held at Old School New School for Design and Typography. Free membership into the close-knit ‘Type and Lettering Support Group’ is offered for all workshop attendees. This group hold monthly meet ups with the aim of building your lettering skills amidst a vibrant bunch of like minded type-lovers. It’s a casual, fun, friend making, skill building environment that gives you the opportunity to seek guidance and further your ability and improvement. All in all, it's a great resource for those that want to take their newfound skills to bigger and better places!

See my logo at the top of this site and the progress video for an idea of what to expect from this class!

The next Intro to Monoline Lettering workshop is live! 
It will be held on Sunday October 29th 10am - 1pm at Old School New School.
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