‘Monoline’ is an extremely versatile lettering style—characterised by its consistency in weight that shows no contrast between strokes. This introductory class is a great entry point to all other methods of handcrafted lettering.

This workshop is perfect for those who are new to Typography as well as creatives looking to improve their typographic technique or learn a new style. This workshop has limited places to ensure everyone gets plenty of help and guidance throughout the class. See my logo at the top of this site and the process video (below) for an idea of what to expect from this class.

Intro to Monoline.JPG

The Main Focus

In this hands-on three hour class, I teach the basic strokes that combine to create a monoline alphabet and how to hold and angle the pen. I then guide you through basic lettering principles such as letter shape, spacing and proportion, as well as what makes good lettering, consistency, rhythm and simple embellishments. 


Take Aways

I share effective techniques and my top tips and tricks to creating beautiful, expressive hand lettering (which will travel home with you in the form of take-home resource booklet given to each participant). You’ll also walk away with an improved knowledge of Typography and brand new tactile skills to apply to anything from posters, cards, logos, artworks, personal projects and beyond.

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Process video from the creation of my monoline script logo, as seen at the top of this website.