Some of my favourite go-to resources that inspire my creativity, practice and everyday life. 



Some of the best books from my personal collection that I would recommend to anyone: 

Lettering & Type

'In Progress' — Jessica Hische
'The ABC's of Custom Lettering' — Ivan Castro
'The Golden Secrets of Lettering' — Martina Flor
'Brush Lettering' — Marilyn Reaves & Eliza Schulte
'Let's Talk Type' — Tony Seddon
'Scripts' — Louise Fili & Steven Heller
'The Process is the Inspiration' — House Industries
'Why Fonts Matter' — Sarah Hyndman
'How to create Typefaces' — Cristóbal Henestrosa Matus
'Typography Sketchbooks' — Steven Heller & Lita Talarico

Creativity, Productivity & Life

'Big Magic' — Elizabeth Gilbert
'Ways of Seeing' — John Berger
'The Subtle Art of not giving a F**k' — Mark Manson
'Flow' — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
'The 10 x Rule' — Grant Cardone
'Copywrong to Copywrighter' — Tait Ischia



A collection of inspiring and interesting talks that I find myself always going back to: 

How to Keep Going — Austin Kleon
5 Rules for Making an Impact — Tina Roth Eisenberg
The Power of Time — Stefan Sagmeister
AIGA Talk — James Edmonson of OHnoTypeCo
Art as Therapy — Jessica Hische
Crafting Authenticty — Gemma O'Brien
Putting back the Face into Typeface — Erik Spiekermann


Stealth Skillz Interview — Carla Mcrae
Working as an Artist Interview — Danielle Evans
Creative Pep Talk — Hosted by Andy J Pizza
Overshare — Hosted by Justin Gignac
Design Matters — Hosted by Debbie Millman
Starving Artist — Hosted by Honor Eastley
Australian Design Radio — Hosted by Flyn Tracy & Matt Leach
Jacky Winter Gives You The Business
Hurry Slowly — Hosted by Jocelyn K Glei



A collection of informative and thought provoking articles and impressive projects that I refer back to: 

Extraordinary Routines — Madeleine Dore
'The Dark Art of Pricing' — Jessica Hische
DesignSponge Feature — Adam J Kurtz
'Lettering Vs Calligraphy' — Martina Flor & Giuseppe Salerno

Thoughts (non-design specific)

'It's Okay to Forget What You Read' — Charles Chu
'In Praise of Extreme Moderation' — Avivah Wittenberg-Cox
'How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation’ — Anne Helen Petersen

How To:

Lettering Process from start to finish — Letter Shoppe
'How to Mural like Matt’ — Matthew Wong
Hand Lettering How-To's — PiesBrand
What to Consider when Pricing Illustration — PrintMag


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