As part of the 'Lousy' Exhibition — Nov 2018


The Lousy Show saw 85 artists celebrate the release of local business, Lousy Ink’s new product—the Lousy Liner. Artists experimented with what these 100% recycled ink fine-liners could do and submitted a finished original artwork (or two, or three) done with the liners only. A total of 150 black and white artworks went on display, showcasing the artist’s different styles, techniques and chosen paper stocks. The exhibition was a one-night-only affair on November 16th, 2019 at BSIDE Gallery in Fitzroy, Melbourne with an attendance of over 300 people.


Above is the finished feature artwork that I exhibited as an A4 original on locally made, Dodgy Paper. My experience with anxiety around creativity and success inspired the series of type-focussed artworks—the smaller, supporting artworks shown below.

Fun fact: The line detail across the paper was initially going to be coloured black, but after creating the de-bossed lines for tracing I decided the blind effect created a great visual texture and more accurately portrayed the concept of anxiety.

Accompanying Artworks


Gallery Space and Exhibition Opening


Shots captured at the exhibition opening night at BSIDE Gallery, Fitzroy in November 2018.