I’m a big believer in beginning by hand and I love sharing what I know with others. These two loves sometimes combine in the form of workshops that I run for anyone and everyone interested in Typography and Lettering. Want to learn the basics? Looking to advance your skills? Tired of the screen and ready to pick up the pen again? 
There's something for everyone! 


Brush Lettering — Beginner

For those who want an introduction into the wonderful world of brush lettering from the very beginning. These classes focus on key strokes, lettering fundamentals, angle, pen pressure and consistency.  


Bring me to you

Corporate & private workshops

I’m available to host workshops for you and your friends, special events, studios, your staff, workplace or business. Email me at if this sounds like something you'd like to organise together!

Brush Lettering Masterclass

For those who have had a taste of the basics with the brush and want more. These classes aim to take your lettering to the next level with focus on voice, style, composition, rhythm and embellishments.




Type 101

Educate your eye in good Typography to instantly up your design game. This beginner course will explain all your need to knows including type classification, sizing, anatomy, spacing, alignment, legibility and more! 

Intro to Monoline Lettering

Mono-line lettering is consistent in weight and shows no contrast between strokes. It's an extremely versatile style and a great introduction to lettering. It's far from easy but is a great source of calligra-therapy. 




Script Lettering — Beginner

Pencil more your thing? Can't stop flourishing? Or want to know how? These classes focus on the how to's behind custom script lettering, the importance of letterform structure and the foundations of flourishing.